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  1. Content – Any text, photos, audio, video, or any other form of visual and/or audio information that currently exists or may exist in the future.
  2. The Times – The news organization located in Brownsville Oregon and operated by V&H Media LLC

Distribution :

  1. You are represent that you own the rights and/or have otherwise been authorized to distribute any submitted text, photos, information, and/or any other media (defined above as “Content”). Further, by submitting content you are assigning to The Times (V&H Media LLC) a perpetual, royalty free license to distribute the submitted content in print, on-line and in any other media that currently exists or may exist in the future. 


  1. In the event there is a dispute regarding the content you have submitted and whether or not you were authorized and/or had the proper rights and/or licenses to such content, you agree that you will hold The Times (V&H Media LLC) blameless in any such disputes. In the event that such disputes require legal action you and you alone will be responsible for any and all costs associated with such legal action, including but not limited to: fees, fines, settlements, judgements, and/or any and all financial compensation and/or expenses that may be required and/or awarded to any and all parties.

If you have questions about any of this please don’t hesitate to contact us with those questions prior to submitting content to The Times (V&H Media LLC).